The organization shall be known as the FEDERATION OF ASIAN NUTRITION SOCIETIES, hereinafter referred to as the FANS.


    1. The objectives of the FANS are:
      1. To foster international fellowship among nutrition scientists of the region and promote cooperative working arrangements particularly in the furtherance of nutrition research, training and action programs.
      2. To encourage the exchange of information and experiences in nutrition research, training and action programs among the member countries, particularly through the periodic holding of Asian Congress of Nutrition.
      3. To act as a liaison between the member countries and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences as well as the appropriate United Nations Agencies.


    1. An Asian country shall adhere to the FANS as a member through its principal NUTRITION SOCIETY or other appropriate scientific group duly recognized specifically as an Adhering Body by the FANS Executive Council.
    2. The term “country” shall be understood to include nutrition scientists and societies representing a defined geographical area (or areas) in Asia which has an independent budget for scientific purposes; there shall be only one voting member representing such area or scientific community.
    3. The power to approve subsequent admissions, withdrawals or other changes in memberships shall be vested in the Executive Council and shall become effective only upon the unanimous vote of the Council members. A written absentia vote shall be followed for this purpose.


    1. The work of the FANS shall be directed by the General Assembly composed of representatives appointed in writing by the Adhering Bodies.
    2. Voting in the General Assembly shall be by Adhering Bodies and each shall have only one vote.
    3. The affairs of the FANS shall be administered by the Executive Council elected for this purpose by the General Assembly. The President of the Federation shall be the President of the Executive Council to be assisted by the Secretary General and a Secretariat, which be located in his country during his period of office. The expenses of the Secretariat shall be borne by the host country.


    1. The Statues and By-Laws of the FANS may be amended, altered or repealed by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at a General Assembly where such action has been announced in the call and notice of such meeting.
    2. Proposals for amendment, alteration or repeal must be submitted in writing by any Adhering Body to the President and the Secretary-General at least four (4) months before the General Assembly at which it is to be considered.


    1. The English text of the Statues and By-Laws shall be considered the authoritative one.
    2. The record of all proceedings of the FANS shall be in the English Language even though the original subject matter in another language shall be recognized, together with the English translation, as authoritative.