Contact information
Vietnam Nutrition Association (VINUTAS)
48B Tang Bat Ho Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 844 – 38210684; 844 – 39713089.
Fax: 844 – 39717885.

Person to contact:
Le Thi Hop, M.D., Ph.D., Prof.
48B Tang Bat Ho Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Prof. Le Thi Hop, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice-President and General Secretary:
Mr. Tu Ngu M.D., Ph.D.

Year established : 2001
Number of members : 442

Executive Council (2011-2016)

President:Prof. Le Thi Hop, MD., Ph.D.

Vice-President & General Secretary: Dr. Tu Ngu, MD., Ph.D.

Chief Secretariat :Ms. Phi Ngoc Quyen, MSc

Council Members :

  • Prof. Nguyen Cong Khan, M.D, Ph.D., Director, Department of Science and Training – MOH
  • Assoc. Prof. Dao Thi Ngoc Dien, M.D., Hanoi Medical University
  • Prof. Nguyen Thi Hien, Ph.D., Hanoi University of Science and Technologies
  • Assoc. Prof. Vu Thi Thu, Ph.D., Vietnam National Academy of Agriculture
  • Assoc. Prof. Do Thi Kim Lien, M.D., Ph.D., National Institute of Nutrition
  • Ms. Cao Thi Hau, M.D., Ph.D., National Institute of Nutrition
  • Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Lam, M.D., Ph.D., Vice Director of National Institute of Nutrition
  • Assoc. Prof. Pham Ngoc Khai, M.D., Ph.D., Thai Binh Medical and Pharmacy University
  • Assoc. Prof. Ha Thi Anh Dao, Phar. Ph.D., National Institute of Nutrition
  • Ms. Do Thi Ngoc Diep, M.D., Director, Nutrition Center of Ho Chi Minh city
  • Ms. Phung Thi Lien, M.D., M.Sc., National Institute of Nutrition

The Vietnam Nutrition Association (VINUTAS) represents the national family of nutritional scientists of Vietnam. VINUTAS is member of Vietnam Medical Association (VMA), as well as Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS) and International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS). Since June 2014, VINUTAS has been member of The South-east Asia Public Health Nutrition Network (SEA-PHN network) which aims for a more effective implementation of public health nutrition measures to improve nutritional wellbeing of populations in the region.

VINUTAS includes 5 sub-associations which are Community Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Food and Nutrition, and Dietetic Nutrition. Members of the society are working mainly in health sector such as public health nutrition, clinical nutrition, food hygiene and food safety and other sectors related to nutrition as agriculture, food technology, food trade and education.

The Vietnam Nutrition Association works closely with the National Institute of Nutrition (national nutrition focal point) and relative institutions in: implementing the national strategy for nutrition 2011-2020 by appropriate and effective interventions and by promoting the healthy diet and life style for Vietnamese people with the vision toward 2030. Otherwise, VINUTAS provide and share regular scientific information and findings among members through periodic publications, scientific meetings and short training courses. We also have technical assistance to provincial societies of nutritionists to develop professional activities.

ACTIVITIES 2013–2014

  1. Sep. 2013: Participated in the 20th International Congress of Nutrition organized by IUNS in Spain.
  2. Nov. 2013: Organized the workshop “Stunting and intervention solution” with Pediatric Nutrition Sub-association.
  3. Jun. 2014: Attended meeting of SEA-PHN Network in Malaysia
  4. Jul. 2014: Co-organized with The Nutrition Place (Singapore) and US Soybean Export Council on Scientific Seminar on Soy Health and Trends.
  5. Sep. 2014: Established the Dietetic Nutrition Sub-association
  6. Dec. 2014: Organized the 7th National Nutrition Scientific Conference “Double burden of malnutrition in Vietnam: Situation and Solutions” in Hanoi with 300 participants from throughout Vietnam and guest speakers from USA and Japan.
  7. Conducted the program of nutritional education and community health care on a national scale, targeting school-aged students, all age women with special focus on pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and diabetic patients, etc.
  8. Cooperated with Children’s Hospital and Research Center at Oakland (USA) to conduct a study project entitled “Effect of Animal Source Food Supplement Prior to and During Pregnancy on Birth weight and Prematurity in Rural Vietnam” (phase I and II: 2011-2017).
  9. Published Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences (ISSN 1859 – 0381) (quarterly).
  10. Published the book “Questions and Answers for children’s nutrition and health care”.
  11. Provided technical assistance to provincial societies of nutritionists in developing professional activities.