Contact information
Mongolian Association of Nutrition and Food Service Management,
P.O. Box 44/206, Mongolia
Phone: 976-99844021, 976-99006353

Person to contact :
Prof. Enkhtaivan Gombosuren, Ph.D.,
President, Mongolian Association of Nutrition & Food Service Management,
c/o Mongolian University of Science and Technology,
Sukhbaatar District, Baga Toiruu-34,
Main building, 1-536, Ulaanbaatar,

Year established : 2007

Number of members : 291 (total as of 01 December, 2014)

Board members (2011-2015)

President :
Prof.Enkhtaivan Gombosuren, Ph.D.
(Mongolian University of Science & Technology)

Executive Director :
Mejeenov Purevjav, Ph.D.,
(Mongolian University of Science & Technology)

Treasurer : Dashtseren Ganbold,
(The First State Hospital of Mongolia, Consulting engineer)

Members :
Pagd Erdenechimeg, Consulting engineer
Otgonbat Ulziikhutag, Consulting engineer

Strategic Goal

  1. Promote and facilitate professional development activities for attainment of accreditation status.
  2. Promote the awareness of nutrition, dietetics, food services and the professional image of the profession and association, foster closer cooperation between dieticians, nutritionists and other professionals in allied fields.
  3. Disseminate nutritional knowledge to the public in order to promote the health status of the population.
  4. Expand relationship with IUNS, FANS member countries and overseas.
  5. Expand relationship with organizations inside the country.

ACTIVITIES 2013-2014

Mongolian Association of Nutrition and Food Service Management (MANFSM) hold a General Assembly Meeting, Board Meetings, and Executive Member’s Meetings annually.

Academic activities
In 2013, the association jointly organized the International Symposium themed “Human Nutrition and Livestock”. The 2nd Scientific Asia and the Pacific Symposium on Sustainable Diets, brought together dieticians, nutritionists, scientists, researchers and students on nutrition, food and agricultural field, progressive farmers, policy makers, and others with interests in human nutrition and livestock sector. The symposium was held on August 21-25, 2013 at the Mongolian University of Science & Technology, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

International activities
In 2013, MANFSM sent 9 delegates to participate in the 20th ICN in Granada, Spain and presented three poster presentations.

Two members of MANFSM participated in the “IUNS Workshop on Capacity and Leadership Development in Nutritional Sciences” held in March 2014 at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition of Japan, supported by JSNFS.

In April 17-20, 2014, three delegates from MANFSM participated in the “Asia Nutrition Leadership Summit” organized by the Chinese Nutrition Society in Shanghai, China.

MANFSM’s website (
In 2013, our organization developed the MANFSM’s official website. One of the aims is to provide the public with educational material on food and nutrition. All educational materials of MANFSM including leaflets on healthy eating and dietary guidelines were uploaded on the website for public access.

Another key aim is to serve as a resource for its professional members. It provides members with listings of upcoming conferences and other scientific meetings. The website is presently being upgraded.

Community Nutrition Promotion Projects
Since 2007, MANFSM has been working and consulting on the “School Snack” Project in secondary schools of Ulaanbaatar city (as a city sample), Arkhangai prefecture (as a prefectural sample) and Dashinchilin sum (as a district sample). The project provides a framework for the model governmental program. “School Snack”- Mongolian Governmental Program is a part of global initiatives to raise nutrition, health and wellness of school age children in the World.

The association has also started implementing the proposed project on improvement of nutritional value of school lunch for students of secondary school for impaired children. Components that have been completed include the nutritional survey on current food intake, BMI, body composition, nutritional value of school lunch and an investigation on the current status of raw food material supply, kitchen facilities, cooks’ skill, and their nutritional knowledge and so on.

The MANFSM members also continued implementing an initiated campaign “Every day-one cup of milk” for children/ school students of 65thth and 58th secondary schools, 94th kindergarten of Ulaanbaatar and donated more than 5000 litres of milk.

In June 2014, upon request by the governmental agency of Ulaanbaatar City Education Department, MANFSM conducted a vocational attestation for kindergarten chefs and cooks. This was followed by a professional short training in July-August 2014. The attestation and training reached out to more than 700 chefs and cooks from 470 kindergartens of both governmental and private sectors.

As a regular work, MANFSM organized short trainings on food safety and security in which internationally recognized standards, codes of practice and guidelines were introduced.

Together with TV Company “MN-25TV”, MANFSM jointly initiated broadcasting TV Talk-Show on nutrition education for the public. The broadcast continued for 2 years. TV broadcast is one way to disseminate nutrition information and help change the misconception on healthy lifestyle, especially food behaviour. Radio broadcast and social media platform was also used to reach out to the public in addition to talks and lectures.

In terms of Social program, the association’s members planted trees for making grove in two rural towns on steppe of Tuv Prefecture.