Hong Kong


Contact information
Mr Gordon Cheung
President, Hong Kong Nutrition Association
P.O. Box 71290, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 9863 9169
Fax: +852 3020 3342
E-mail: info@hkna.org.hkpresident@hkna.org.hk

Year established : 1980
Number of members : 192 (full members)

Executive Council

Honorary Members:Dr. Susan Lui, Mrs. Veronica Ho

Executive Committee (2014 – 2015)

President : Mr. Gordon Cheung

President-elect : Mr. Frankie Siu

Hon. Secretary : Ms. Mandy Man

Hon. Treasurer : Ms. Carmela Lee

Internal Coordinator : Mr. Lok Tsung Chan

External Coordinator : Prof. Stephen Wong

Membership Secretary : Ms. Rhoda Ng

Editor : Ms. Candy Sin

Education Sub-com : Mr. Terry Ting, Ms. Verona Tam,
Mr. Koman Wong

Continuing Education : Dr. John O’ Reilly, Ms. Fanny Ng
Sub-com continuing@hkna.org.hk

Webmaster : Ms. Patricia Chiu

ACTIVITIES 2013-2014

Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA) is a society of nutrition professionals incorporated in Hong Kong. The Association believes that continuing education is essential in maintaining a high standard of professionalism amongst members. HKNA has set up a continuing education system since 2007 and members are required to obtain a certain level of continuing education (CE) points for membership renewal. The Association also aims to provide regular academic activities for members so to keep them updated with the latest information on nutrition and dietetics. The followings are some of the continuing education activities that had taken place in 2013-14:

HKNA also joined hands with other professional bodies, both local and international, to provide academic and scientific meetings to members:

HKNA has published two journals that looked at energy consumption of pre-school children and growth of infants and children:
– Lee A, Keung VMW, Cheung GCL. Compensation consumption of high-energy-density food among pre-school children leading to suboptimal intake of recommended food groups: Case study in Hong Kong. Public Health. 2013 Feb;127(2):182-5
– Cheung G. Faltering growth in local infants and young children: from a dietetic perspective. The Hong Kong Medical Diary 2014:19(5);19-20

Public Education
HKNA collaborated with the Coca Cola Foundation and conducted a school based nutrition campaign — Wellness 4U. This campaign aimed to enhance local students’ nutrition knowledge and to raise their concerns about nutrition and health through interactive and innovative school activities such as school talks, exhibition and short movie competition.

Collaboration with Government
HKNA actively involves in various public education campaigns initiated by HKSAR Department of Health, such as EatSmart@restaurant.hk, EatSmart@school.hk, StartSmart@school.hk, Taskforce of Hong Kong Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitute, Food Pyramid Working Group and Database of pre-packaged snacks. The association also joined the Education Taskforce on Nutrition Labelling of the Centre for Food Safety, aiming to develop educational tools for the general public.